Software Development

Talk to us about Software Development. We recognise that companions are now looking for websites that do a whole lot more than act as a living brochure. Ask us about bespoke solutions for invoicing, quotes and orders - and streamline your business.

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There are many different problems that we are trying to solve in business and in our IT based projects and as such there can be as many different solutions. In a world becoming ever more technically complex and diverse, from the “Internet of Things” to software as a service, the terms of engagement seem to be ever more muddied.

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What solution is best to address your project ? Talk to us and we will work with you to help resolve whether you are best to deploy a web-based, app-based solution or simply to create a bespoke piece of software to serve as your solution.

​Why your company should be using TTK Digital Marketing?

We do everything you would expect from a conventional digital agency - with one massive difference - we want to grow with you and if it sounds good we will invest in your future to give you the tools to prosper. We offer an incredible range of digital services, but we will also talk to you about joint ventures, ways we can grow your business based on sales generated. easing your cash flow. We also have a range of innovative promotional items to help charities fund raise and get companies noticed. TTK really is different from the rest - call us.